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  • 江苏省卫生厅下文(苏卫医〔2012〕36号)正式确认yabo登陆为三级综合医院。

    yabo登陆The Department of Health of Jiangsu Province (Su health care[2012] No. 36) officially confirmed that our hospital is a tertiary comprehensive hospital.

  • yabo登陆党总支升格为中共丹阳市人民医院党委。

    The general Party branch of our hospital was upgraded to the Party Committee of the People's Hospital of Danyang .

  • 新建门急诊大楼投入使用。建筑面积19118平方米。

    The new emergency and outpatient building was put into use. The building area is 19,118 square meters.

  • 医院新建17层住院病房大楼启用,建筑面积24800平方米。

    The hospital has opened a new 17-floor inpatient ward building with a construction area of 24,800 square meters.

  • 成为南通大学医学院的教学医院。

    Become a teaching hospital of Nantong University Medical School.

  • 成为东南大学的教学医院。

    Become Southeast University teaching hospital.

  • 成为苏州大学的教学医院。

    yabo登陆Become a teaching hospital of Suzhou University.

  • 成为江苏大学的教学医院。

    yabo登陆Become a teaching hospital of Jiangsu University.

  • 丹阳市人民医院与上海中山医院成立镇江市首家联合会诊中心和多媒体远程会诊中心。

    People's Hospital of Danyang and Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital established the first association medical center and multimedia remote consultation center in Zhenjiang city

  • 丹阳市人民医院被江苏省卫生厅批准确定为全省第一批二级甲等医院。

    yabo登陆The People's Hospital of Danyang was first approved by the Department of Health of Jiangsu Province to be the second Class A hospitals in the province.

  • 2月,丹阳撤县建市,医院更名为丹阳市人民医院和丹阳市红十字医院。

    In February, Danyang withdrew from the county to build the city. The hospital was renamed as the People’s Hospital of Danyang and Red Cross Hospital of Danyang.

  • 医院成立中共丹阳县人民医院总支委员会,下设内科、外科、门诊、后勤四个支部。

    yabo登陆The hospital has established the General Support Committee of the People's Hospital of Danyang County, which consists of four branches: internal medicine, surgery, outpatient service, and logistics.

  • 经省卫生厅批准,县人民医院迁至小东门桥河西新址(现新民西路2号),并开始兴建第一幢病房大楼。1962年3月,病房大楼竣工启用,建筑面积3950平方米,床位增至100张。

    Approved by the provincial health department, the county People's hospital was moved to the new site of Xiaodongmenqiao Hexi (now Xinmin West Road No. 2) and the first construction was started. In March 1962, the construction was completed and the building area was 3,950 square meters, with the number of beds increased to 100.)

  • 丹阳县人民政府卫生院改为丹阳县人民医院,核定床位60张。

    Danyang County People’s Government Health Center changed to Danyang County People’s Hospital, with 60 approved beds.

  • 筹建平房450平方米作门诊诊室,成立县卫生院第一届医务工会委员会。

    450 square meters of bungalows will be set up for outpatient clinics, and the first medical trade union committee of county hospitals will be established.

  • 医务人员积极投入天花、霍乱、疟疾、肺结核、血吸虫病等传染病防治以及抗涝救灾、抗美援朝等活动。

    yabo登陆Medical personnel actively engaged in the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as smallpox, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, and schistosomiasis, as well as activities such as fighting floods and fighting disasters, and assisting the DPRK.

  • 4月,丹阳全境解放,改名为丹阳县人民医院。12月,遵照苏南行署指示,将丹阳人民医院改名为苏南丹阳卫生院。次年,改名为丹阳县人民政府卫生院,设床位25张。

    yabo登陆In April, Danyang was liberated and changed its name to Danyang County People's Hospital. In December, following the instructions of the Southern Jiangsu Administrative Office, the Danyang People's Hospital was renamed the South Jiangsu Danyang Health Center. The following year, it was renamed the Danyang County People’s Government Health Center and 25 beds were set up.

  • 1948年,筹建丹阳公医院董事会,由束士芳、陈梨村、林立山、胡尹楷、林醒晨等21人组成。12月,院址由城内中正路251号(寺前街改称)迁至县公园内(现城内乔家巷)。

    yabo登陆In 1948, the board of directors of Danyang Public Hospital was established and consisted of Shu Shifang, Chen Licun, Lin Lishan, Hu Yinxuan, Lin Xingchen and others. In December, the site was relocated from No. 251, Zhongzheng Road (renamed Temple Street) in the city to the county park (Qiaojia Lane in the city).

  • 1942年,院址由西门大街迁至寺前街林四元住宅内(现江苏省丹阳中学对面)。

    In 1942, the site was moved from Ximen Street to Lin Siyuan Residence on Siqian Street (opposite to Danyang Middle School in Jiangsu Province).

  • 1940年,汪伪县政府复办县立医院,院址设在老西门大街。

    In 1940, Wang jingwei Pseudo-government reopened the county hospital, and the site of the hospital was located at Old Ximen Street.

  • 1937年,抗日战争开始,医护人员积极投入抗日救护工作。12月,丹阳城沦陷,县立医院和抗日救护队解散。

    yabo登陆In 1937, the War of Resistance Against Japan began, and medical staff actively participated in the anti-Japanese rescue work. In December, Danyang depression, the county hospital and the anti-Japanese rescue team were disbanded.

  • 1935年,江苏省政府设在镇江,把丹阳定为模范实验县,建丹阳县立医院,院长贡黎卿,院址设在城内西门大街(现三板桥西)。

    In 1935, the Jiangsu Provincial Government was set up in Zhenjiang, and Danyang was designated as a model experimental county. Danyang County Hospital was built and Gong Liqing was elected as Director. It located at the Ximen Street in the city (now west of Sanbanqiao ).

  • 据江苏省内务行政报告中记载,丹阳县公医院成立于民国3年(1914年),当时医务人员仅4名。

    According to records of the Jiangsu Provincial Internal Affairs Administrative Report, Danyang County Public Hospital was established in the Republic of China for 3 years (1914), by that time there were only 4 medical staff .